conference Korea-Japan workshop on nuclear and hadron physics at J-PARC   from Thursday 22 September 2011 (08:00)
to Friday 23 September 2011 (18:00) (Asia/Seoul)
at Seoul National University ( Bldg. 129, Room 205 )
chaired by: Kiyoshi Tanida
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Thursday 22 September 2011 toptop

10:00->12:20    Session I (Convener: Kiyoshi Tanida (Seoul National University) )
10:00 Welcome (10') Kiyoshi Tanida (Seoul)
10:10 Center for Korean J-PARC Users & Korean Contribution to J-PARC (30') (files Slides pdf file  ) Choi Seonho (Seoul)
10:40 Status of J-PARC and Hadron Hall (40') (files Slides pdf file  ) Ieiri masaharu (KEK)
11:20 Hadron physics in J-PARC -exotic hadrons and hadrons in nuclei- (40') (files Slides pdf file  ) Jido Daisuke (YITP, Kyoto)
12:00 E19 result (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Kiuchi Ryuta (Seoul)

13:30->15:10    Session II (Convener: Seonho Choi (Seoul National University) )
13:30 Lambda(1405) and Kbar N interaction in chiral dynamics (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Hyodo Tetsuo (Titech)
13:50 Three-body resonance in Kbar N N - pi Sigma N system and its signature (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Ikeda Yoichi (Titech)
14:10 Status of E17 (Kaonic helium atom x-ray) (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Hashimoto Tadashi (Tokyo)
14:30 Status of E15 (A search for Kaonic nuclear states) (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Sada Yuta (Kyoto)
14:50 Search for a nuclear kaon bound state K-pp at the J-PARC K1.8 beam line (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Ichikawa Yudai (Kyoto)

15:30->17:00    Session III (Convener: Emiko Hiyama (RIKEN) )
15:30 Expectations for nuclear physics at J-PARC from recent lattice studies (30') (files Slides pdf file  ) Nemura Hidekatsu (Tohoku)
16:00 Nuclear Forces from Lattice QCD toward LS-force (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Murano Keiko (RIKEN)
16:20 Sigma proton scattering experiment E40 (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Miwa Koji (Tohoku)
16:40 Development of Fiber-MPPC detector for Sigma proton scattering experiment (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Matsumoto Yuki (Tohoku)

17:20->18:20    Session IV (Convener: Hiroyuki Noumi (RCNP, Osaka University) )
17:20 Status of the Three-body NMWD study and J-PARC E18 (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Bhang Hyoungchan (Seoul)
17:40 Status of the detectors for the E18 (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Kim Mijung (Seoul)
18:00 Hypernuclear weak decay experiments at J-PARC (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Outa Haruhiko (RIKEN)

Friday 23 September 2011 toptop

09:00->10:40    Session V (Convener: Hirokazu Tamura (Tohoku) )
09:00 Structure of 10LBe and 10LB hypernuclei studied with the four-body cluster model (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Hiyama Emiko (RIKEN)
09:20 Impurity effects in p-sd shell and neutron-rich Lambda hypernuclei (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Isaka Masahiro (Hokkaido)
09:40 A consideration of a pilot experiment using a momentum matching technique (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Noumi Hiroyuki (RCNP, Osaka)
10:00 Hypernuclear gamma-ray spectroscopy at J-PARC (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Sugihara Kenko (Tohoku)
10:20 The Status of Hyperball-J (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Sasaki Akio (Tohoku)

11:00->12:41    Session VI (Convener: Haruhiko Outa (RIKEN) )
11:00 Search for the H-dibaryon with a Hyperon Spectrometer at J-PARC (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Ahn, Jung Keun (Pusan)
11:20 Experimental Plan for Xi-Hypernuclear Spectroscopy (20') (files Slides  ) Moritsu Manabu (Kyoto)
11:40 Status of E03 and E07 (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Tanida Kiyoshi (Seoul)
12:00 Cancelled (Emulsion scanning system for E07 in GNU) (20') Yoon Chun-Sil (Gyeongsang)
12:20 Development of SSD and DSSD for J-PARC experiments (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Joo Changwoo (Seoul)

14:00->16:00    Session VII (Convener: Jung Keun Ahn (Pusan) )
14:00 High-momentum beam line (30') (files Slides pdf file  ) Sawada Shinya
14:30 Tensor form factors and transverse spin structure of the nucleon (30') (files Slides pdf file  ) Kim Hyun-Chul
15:00 J-PARC E16 experiment and the hadron modification in nuclear matter (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Yokkaichi Satoshi (RIKEN)
15:20 Phi meson in nuclei (J-PARC E29) (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Oonishi Hiroaki (RIKEN)
15:40 Exotic hadrons and nuclei with charm flavor (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Yasui Shigehiro (KEK)