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    What's Happening in HEP?

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Recent Seminar


The new magic number N=16 in the neutron rich nuclei :
Jul. 6 (Fri.) 2012 / Dr. Kyung Ho Tshoo (SNU)

Science with Radioactive Ion Beams: Equipment and Techniques:
Dec. 6 (Tue.) 2011 / Dr. Michael Smith (ORNL)
Measurement of jet quenching in single-inclusive production of large momentum charged particles in PbPb collisions at the LHC:
Aug. 31 (Wed.) 2011 / Mr.Sung Ho Yoon (MIT)

Workshops (co)organized by Q2C


Our Research Groups

KIMS / AMoRE   -   UnderGround   Experiments   For   Dark   Matter  and
                                        Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Search

BELLE / BELLE II -   e+e- collider experiment at KEK for the study of CP violation and rare                                              decays of heavy flavours

BES III -   e+e- collider experiment at IHEP for the study of Charm mesons and tau lepton

J-PARC  -  Measurement of X Rays from - Atom (Spokesperson; K. Tanida)

                      -  Coincidence measurement of the weak decay of  12 C and three-body weak
                         interaction process (Speakspersons: H.C. Bhang, H. Park, H. Outa)

RIKEN-RIBF  -  Nuclear Spectroscopy with Radioactive Isotope Beams

GSI - Hypernuclear Spectroscopy with Heavy Ion Collision


RHIC-spin - A challenge to the mystery of proton spin structure




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